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Table 4 Highest nucleotide identities for each gene segment of the Lopburi02 orthoreovirus retrieved from the BLAST search

From: Mass spectrometry-based identification and whole-genome characterisation of the first pteropine orthoreovirus isolated from monkey faeces in Thailand

Segment Encoded protein % identity Ref. strain Host Country Year Acc. no.
L1 λC or λ3 93.5 Pulau Bat Malaysia 1999 JF342666.1
92.9 Cangyuan Bat China 2012 KM382259.1
L2 λB or λ2 (RNA pol) 98.2 Cangyuan Bat China 2012 KM382260.1
L3 λA or λ1 97.9 Melaka Human Malaysia 2006 JF342662.1
M1 μA or μ1 96.2 Kampar Human Malaysia 2006 JF342657.1
95.8 Melaka Human Malaysia 2006 JF342663.1
M2 μB or μ2 95.8 Melaka Human Malaysia 2006 JF342664.1
M3 μNS 98.9 Cangyuan Bat China 2012 KM382264.1
S1 p10, p17 and σC 95.5 Sikamat Human Malaysia 2010 JF811580.1
S2 σA or σ1 98.7 Kampar Human Malaysia 2006 EU448335.1
S3 σNS 97.7 Cangyuan Bat China 2012 KM382267.1
97.7 Xi river Bat China 2010 GU188275.1
S4 σB or σ2 97.2 Sikamat Human Malaysia 2010 JF811583.1
96.7 Cangyuan Bat China 2012 KM382268.1
  1. L large segment, M medium segment, S small segment