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Table 1 Apoptotic and/or immunity-related roles of Drosophila caspases

From: Coevolution of hytrosaviruses and host immune responses

Drosophila caspase GenBank Acc. No. Apoptotic and, (or anti-viral roles in insects Refs.
Apoptosis Initiators
 Death regulator Nedd2-like caspase (DRONC); Caspase-9 homolog NP_524017.1 Ecdysone-induced (developmental and stress-induced apoptosis); [108, 170]
 Death-related ced-3/Nedd2 (DREDD) or DCP-2; Caspase-8 homolog NP_477249.3 Essential for activation of innate immune signaling (activates Relish of the Imd pathway) [108, 171]
 Serine/Threonine-rich caspase-A (STRICA) or Downstream regulatory element-antagonist modulator (DREAM) NP_610193.1 Together with DRONC, STRICA activates DCP-1 and DRICE [172]
Apoptosis Effectors
 Death associated molecule related to Mch2 (DAMM) AAF82437.1 Upregulated in DCV-infected Drosophila [92]
 Death caspase protein 1 (DCP-1) NP_476974.1 Essential for germ-line apoptosis in mid-oogenesis; cleaves P35 [172]
 Death executioner caspase-related to Apopain/Yama (DECAY); Caspase-3, (7 homolog NP_477462.1 Involved in developmental apoptosis and immunity; (upregulated in DENV-infected mosquito) [111, 171, 173]
 Drosophila interleukin-1β-converting enzyme (DrICE) NP_524551.2 Required for baculovirus-induced apoptosis; inhibited by the baculovirus P35/ P49/CrmA [131]