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Table 6 Top 10 uterine fold changes

From: Gene expression in reproductive organs of tsetse females – initial data in an approach to reduce fecundity

gene ID (predicted) gene product FC (TBB1 norm.) FC (GAPDH norm.)
GMOY012377 milk gland protein 4 (Mgp4) 2798.11 4266.24
GMOY012369 milk gland protein 10 (Mgp10) 1328.14 2025.00
GMOY012371 milk gland protein 9 (Mgp9) 983.96 1500.23
GMOY002808 unknown 724.46 1104.58
GMOY007129 fatty acid 2-hydroxylase 575.24 877.06
GMOY009745 milk gland protein 1 (Mgp1) 415.09 632.89
GMOY011400 cyp313b1 344.76 525.65
GMOY000398 phantom protein (Phm) 320.28 488.33
GMOY006331 unknown 255.42 389.44
GMOY009721 Stall protein (Stl) 254.16 387.51
  1. Only genes with P < 0.05 were considered. Calculated FCs were arranged in descending order and ten highest are listed. The top position is represented by gene exhibiting highest fold change in expression between uteri of pregnant and virgin females. The full list can be found in Additional file 3: Table S3