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Table 3 Sixty-eight up-regulated genes in GmmApo males showing a testes-biased profile in GmmWT males

From: Symbiotic microbes affect the expression of male reproductive genes in Glossina m. morsitans

Vectorbase gene ID Vectorbase Description Best nr BLASTx Hit Accession BLAST_E-Value Testes/MAGs fold change
GMOY000619 Tetraspanin hypothetical protein FF38_09930 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC31071.1 3.00E-99 48.83
GMOY000812   PREDICTED: glucose dehydrogenase [FAD, quinone] [Musca domestica] XP_005186034.1 0.0 72.42
GMOY001391 SCARA5: Scavenger Receptor Class A, Member 5 hypothetical protein FF38_05500 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC27261.1 0.0 33.83
GMOY001583   integrin alpha-PS3 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC31990.1 4.00E-17 135.91
GMOY001722 Myosin 61F myosin-IB [Lucilia cuprina] KNC31972.1 0.0 40.45
GMOY001794 fused lobes putative beta-hexosaminidase fdl [Lucilia cuprina] KNC26699.1 0.0 10.42
GMOY001977   hypothetical protein FF38_05070 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC29694.1 0.0 23.94
GMOY002057   hypothetical protein FF38_02107 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC28398.1 0.0 6.40
GMOY002247 nord PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC101887233 [Musca domestica] XP_005185286.1 0.0 14.60
GMOY002466   peroxidase [Lucilia cuprina] KNC34773.1 0.0 25.87
GMOY002491   protein takeout [Lucilia cuprina] KNC23528.1 2.00E-67 44.31
GMOY002881   hypothetical protein FF38_01910 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC34784.1 1.00E-174 223.02
GMOY002886   no hits    13.05
GMOY002911   hypothetical protein FF38_03087 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC32537.1 8.00E-67 7.46
GMOY003353   PREDICTED: arylsulfatase B [Musca domestica] XP_005176719.1 0.0 61.33
GMOY003366   PREDICTED: C-1-tetrahydrofolate synthase, cytoplasmic isoform X3 [Musca domestica] XP_005183706.1 0.0 36.28
GMOY004222 GluR-gf3: ionotropic glutamate receptor hypothetical protein FF38_07882 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC24884.1 0.0 10.41
GMOY004447   hypothetical protein FF38_11623 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC30614.1 0.0 119.17
GMOY005165 croquemort protein croquemort [Ceratitis capitata] JAB88784.1 0.0 20.13
GMOY005282 knickkopf protein Skeletor, isoforms B/C [Ceratitis capitata] JAB97494.1 0.0 40.21
GMOY005361   hypothetical protein FF38_09491 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC22549.1 1.00E-68 72.52
GMOY005449   hypothetical protein FF38_14542 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC32042.1 3.00E-47 50.27
GMOY005537   PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC106095798 isoform X1 [Stomoxys calcitrans] XP_013118620.1 0.0 241.75
GMOY005573 acid sphingomyelinase hypothetical protein FF38_09213 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC33883.1 0.0 15.57
GMOY005577   calcium-binding mitochondrial carrier protein Aralar1 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC20798.1 0.0 15.44
GMOY005665   PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC106084900 [Stomoxys calcitrans] XP_013104316.1 0.0 52.40
GMOY005720 Zinc transporter 35C PREDICTED: zinc transporter 2-like [Aedes albopictus] XP_019550545.1 2.00E-92 178.93
GMOY006369   hypothetical protein FF38_03491 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC32157.1 0.0 17.61
GMOY006417 OBP20: odorant binding protein 20 putative odorant binding protein 20 [Haematobia irritans] JAV15842.1 9.00E-46 37.48
GMOY006503 Beta-hexosaminidase PREDICTED: chitooligosaccharidolytic beta-N-acetylglucosaminidase [Musca domestica] XP_005182019.1 0.0 133.63
GMOY006539   PREDICTED: alpha-1,6-mannosyl-glycoprotein 2-beta-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase isoform X3 [Stomoxys calcitrans] XP_013099543.1 8.00E-126 106.67
GMOY006677 Solute:Sodium Symporter hypothetical protein FF38_06448 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC34106.1 0.0 58.69
GMOY006713   CG8192 [Drosophila busckii] ALC41544.1 2.00E-90 82.52
GMOY006818   PREDICTED: lipoma HMGIC fusion partner-like 2 protein [Stomoxys calcitrans] XP_013119103.1 3.00E-118 34.98
GMOY006875   PREDICTED: alkaline phosphatase [Musca domestica] XP_011291521.2 0.0 109.75
GMOY006952 Major Facilitator Superfamily transporter Organic cation transporter-like protein [Lucilia cuprina] KNC25680.1 0.0 103.42
GMOY006960   PREDICTED: venom acid phosphatase Acph-1 [Stomoxys calcitrans] XP_013110448.1 0.0 22.63
GMOY007021   putative inorganic phosphate cotransporter [Lucilia cuprina] KNC32863.1 0.0 65.17
GMOY007046   hypothetical protein FF38_01733 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC29857.1 0.0 35.81
GMOY007169   hypothetical protein FF38_08034 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC22811.1 7.00E-24 150.00
GMOY007170 Na[+]-driven anion exchanger PREDICTED: electroneutral sodium bicarbonate exchanger 1 isoform X1 [Stomoxys calcitrans] XP_013100613.1 0.0 74.61
GMOY007305   PREDICTED: lysozyme [Drosophila suzukii] XP_016927878.1 2.00E-57 41.88
GMOY007468   hypothetical protein FF38_04128 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC22753.1 3.00E-63 114.27
GMOY007532   putative leucine-rich repeat-containing g-protein coupled receptor 5 [Haematobia irritans] JAV16303.1 0.0 77.95
GMOY007691 PAK-kinase PREDICTED: serine/threonine-protein kinase PAK 1 isoform X1 [Stomoxys calcitrans] XP_013099440.1 0.0 42.00
GMOY007960   PREDICTED: endothelin-converting enzyme 1 [Stomoxys calcitrans] XP_013119452.1 0.0 187.13
GMOY008133   PREDICTED: uncharacterized protein LOC101894637 [Musca domestica] XP_005176834.1 0.0 11.70
GMOY008518 sugar transporter 1 hypothetical protein FF38_06053, partial [Lucilia cuprina] KNC33316.1 0.0 12.53
GMOY008765 spalt major homeotic protein spalt-major [Lucilia cuprina] KNC31339.1 0.0 100.83
GMOY009021   PREDICTED: protein D3-like [Bactrocera dorsalis] XP_011197362.1 2.00E-85 157.77
GMOY009202   hypothetical protein FF38_07050 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC31716.1 1.00E-47 55.01
GMOY009300   hypothetical protein FF38_11715 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC30663.1 0.0 13.77
GMOY009393 beta-Tubulin at 60D tubulin beta-3 chain [Lucilia cuprina] KNC22620.1 0.0 58.23
GMOY009759   hypothetical protein FF38_02940 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC28936.1 0.0 100.36
GMOY009924   PREDICTED: nuclear pore complex protein Nup133 isoform X1 [Stomoxys calcitrans] XP_013101194.1 0.0 13.86
GMOY010035 Mig-2-like PREDICTED: ras-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 1 [Musca domestica] XP_005183165.1 5.00E-143 48.84
GMOY010039 optix: optix protein Optix [Lucilia cuprina] KNC34851.1 0.0 346.87
GMOY010309 AASS: lysine-ketoglutarate reductase hypothetical protein FF38_02955 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC31958.1 0.0 8.79
GMOY010450 Trissin R: trissin receptor PREDICTED: 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1 [Bactrocera oleae] XP_014086219.1 0.0 372.42
GMOY010478 gl16235 PREDICTED: probable salivary secreted peptide [Stomoxys calcitrans] XP_013110315.1 3.00E-58 30.94
GMOY010875 epithelial membrane protein PREDICTED: scavenger receptor class B member 1 [Musca domestica] XP_005177855.1 0.0 69.64
GMOY011278 Na[+]/H[+] hydrogen antiporter hypothetical protein FF38_02922 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC22346.1 0.0 35.31
GMOY011388   PREDICTED: lactosylceramide 4-alpha-galactosyltransferase [Stomoxys calcitrans] XP_013100115.1 4.00E-136 37.41
GMOY011731 yellow-h hypothetical protein FF38_05398 [Lucilia cuprina] KNC26088.1 0.0 19.11
GMOY011839   hypothetical protein [Ceratitis capitata] JAB97045.1 0.0 6.89
GMOY011858   PREDICTED: mucin-17 [Stomoxys calcitrans] XP_013110461.1 2.00E-156 330.58
GMOY012079   PREDICTED: aquaporin [Rhagoletis zephyria] XP_017484187.1 2.00E-74 13.87
GMOY012085 lazaro putative phosphatidate phosphatase [Lucilia cuprina] KNC34968.1 5.00E-126 93.71