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Table 1 Light Microscopea evaluation of the proportion of male irradiated and non-irradiated control G. m. morsitans flies infected with T. b. brucei

From: Combining paratransgenesis with SIT: impact of ionizing radiation on the DNA copy number of Sodalis glossinidius in tsetse flies

Treatment Infected/ total # flies Maturation P values
  Midgut glands Salivary gland rate   Midgut glands Salivary gland rate
Non-irradiated 11/61 9/61 0.82
Irradiated 3/50 3/50 1 0.0839 0.219
  1. p values were obtained by comparing the infection prevalence of the irradiated group to the infection prevalence of non-treated control flies using a two-sided Fisher’s exact test.
  2. aLight-Microscope observations/evaluations conducted using 100× magnification to carry out the observations
  3. bMaturation rate: salivary gland/midgut infected flies