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Fig. 4

From: The gut bacteria across life stages in the synanthropic fly Chrysomya megacephala

Fig. 4

The taxonomic composition distribution in samples of Class-level. a: Alphaproteobacteria; b: Betaproteobacteria; c: Gammaproteobacteria; d: Bacilli; e: Bacteroidia; f: Flavobacteriia. The average ratio of each bacteria class in samples across life stages is directly displayed. Y-axis indicated the relative abundance of microbial communities between samples. Points showed three individual values, longer bars in each column indicated mean values while shorter bars indicate SE value. Metastats ( and R(v3.1.1) were used to determine which taxonomic groups were significantly different between groups of samples with the obtained p-value by a Benjamini-Hochberg false discovery rate correction (function ‘p.adjust’ in the stats package of R(v3.1.1)

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