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Table 2 Lactic acid bacteria used as positive controls during an experiment to detect resistance genes

From: Identification and antibiotic susceptibility of lactobacilli isolated from turkeys

Isolate Source Genotype Reference
L. salivarius 3a chicken lsaE, aac(6’)-Ie-aph(2”)-Ia, aadE, ant(6)-Ia GeneBank Ac. No. KY924692
S. aureus ATCC 33591 clinical isolate blaZ, mecA GeneBank Ac. No. KY264166.1, FJ809758.1
L. salivarius 3aI turkey tetL, tetM, ermB, ermC The sequences of amplicons reflecting the resistance genes and the results of the comparative analysis with the reference sequences deposited at GenBank were showed in the Additional file 1.
L. salivarius 5aI turkey ant(6)-Ia, aadE, ermC
L. salivarius 27eCh chicken aph(2”)-Ic, tetW, ermB, ant(6)-Ia
L. salivarius 30aI turkey tetL, tetM, ermB, int-Tn
L. ingluviei 22eI turkey tetL, tetW, lnuA, ermB, cat
E. faecalis 3W wolf tetM, ermB, msrA/B, aph3IIIa, ant(4’)-Ia, aac(6’)-Ie-aph(2”)-Ia, int-Tn
E. faecium 24W wolf aac(6’)-Ii, tetM, msrA/B,
E. faecium 60 woodpecker aph(2”)-Id, ant(6)-Ia, aph(3’)-IIIa, tetM, ermB, msrA/B
E. faecalis 140 chicken tetO, ant(4')-Ia, int-Tn