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Fig. 1

From: Escovopsioides as a fungal antagonist of the fungus cultivated by leafcutter ants

Fig. 1

Phylogeny of Escovopsioides isolates obtained from fungus-growing ants. The tree was reconstructed under Bayesian Inference (BI) using concatenated sequences of tef1 and LSU genes as well as ITS. Sequences of type strains of Escovopsis spp. (represented by T) and additional hypocrealean fungi (outgroup) were retrieved from GenBank (Additional file 1: Table S1). Values on branches are posterior probabilities. The entire alignment is composed of 2112 bp in length. The substituion models GTR + G for tef1 and GTR + I + G for ITS and LSU were used in the BI analysis. Escovopsioides species are indicated by LESF Ids and associated ant species are indicated in parentheses. All other sequences are followed by the culture collection accessions

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