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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this work

From: Architecture of divergent flagellar promoters controlled by CtrA in Rhodobacter sphaeroides

  Description Reference
Rhodobacter sphaeroides   
  WS8N wild-type; spontaneous NalR [52]
  AM1 WS8N derivate, Fla2+, ΔfleQ::kan cckAL391 [16]
  EA1 AM1 derivative, ΔctrA::aadA [15]
  AR1 AM1 derivative ΔflgB2-fliI2::ΩSpc This work
Escherichia coli
  TOP10 Cloning strain Invitrogen
  S17–1 recA endA thi hsdR RP4–2-Tc::Mu::Tn7 [53]
  Rosetta Protein expression strain, CmR Novagen
 pTZ19R Cloning vector ApR Fermentas
 pCR2.1-TOPO Cloning vector, ApR Invitrogen
 pJQ200mp18 Mobilizable suicide vector; GmR [32]
 pRK415 Expression vector for R. sphaeroides [54]
 pRK415/uidA pRK415 carrying the uidA-aadA cassette This work
 pWM5 Vector source of the uidA-aadA cassette [55]
 pRK_flgB2p::uidA-aadA pRK415/uidA carrying flgB2p This work
 pRK_flgE2p::uidA-aadA pRK415/uidA carrying flgE2p This work
 pRK_fliF2p::uidA-aadA pRK415/uidA carrying fliF2p This work
 pRK_fliI2p::uidA-aadA pRK415/uidA carrying fliI2p This work
 pRK_fliL2p::uidA-aadA pRK415/uidA carrying fliL2p This work