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Fig. 5

From: Real-time monitoring of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm formation on endotracheal tubes in vitro

Fig. 5

eDNA and pyoverdine determination in cell-free supernatants from ETT biofilm

RFU mean +/− SEM of eDNA (a) and pyoverdine (b) production in cell-free supernatants of BLI-Pseudomonas biofilm on ETT pieces and planktonic cultures, untreated or treated with gentamicin, after 0, 24 or 48 h of incubation. 1: untreated planktonic cells 2: gentamicin-treated planktonic cells 3: untreated biofilm 4: gentamicin-treated biofilm ***p < 0.001 and *p < 0.05; gentamicin-treated samples vs untreated samples

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