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Table 3 Heat-map* of percentage of number and of MFI of mAb-stained-cells in relation to day 0

From: Persistent presence of outer membrane epitopes during short- and long-term starvation of five Legionella pneumophila strains

  1. *Heat-map colors: Dark blue: 1–30%; light blue: 31–55%; violet: 56–85%. light red: 85–110%; red: ≥ 110%;
  2. **Each row shows a certain time-period, which is given in approximate day-periods. 0-VBNC: period of day 0 until complete loss of culturability (< 1 CFU/mL)
  3. ***Percentage is differentiated in (i) all stained cells (all), (ii) weakly (+) and (iii) strongly (++) stained cells