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Table 1 Yeast species used in this work

From: Antarctic yeasts: analysis of their freeze-thaw tolerance and production of antifreeze proteins, fatty acids and ergosterol

Species T (°C)
Candida parapsilosis 30
Candida sake 22
Cryptococcus gastricus (Goffeauzyma gastrica) 22
Cryptococcus gilvescens (Goffeauzyma gilvescens) 22
Cryptococcus victoriae (Vishniacozyma victoriae) 22
Dioszegia fristingensis 22
Leucosporidiella creatinivora (Leucosporidium creatinivorum) 22
Leucosporidiella fragaria (Leucosporidium fragarium) 22
Metschnikowia bicuspidata 10
Mrakia blollopis 15
Mrakia gelida 22
Mrakia sp. 22
Rhodotorula glacialis (Phenoliferia glacialis) (T11Rs) 22
Rhodotorula glacialis (Phenoliferia glacialis) (T8Rg) 22
Rhodotorula laryngis (Cystobasidium laryngis) 22
Rhodotorula mucilaginosa 30
Sporidiobolus salmonicolor 22
Wickerhamomyces anomalus 30
  1. The current taxonomic classification is given in parenthesis. T, best temperature for growth