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Table 3 B. safensis FO-36b genes (hypothetical proteins) with fewer than 5 homologs

From: Bacillus safensis FO-36b and Bacillus pumilus SAFR-032: a whole genome comparison of two spacecraft assembly facility isolates

Locus tag RS87_#
03030 a only four homologs in B. safensis U41 (GCA_001938685.1), B. safensis U17–1 (GCA_001938705.1), B. pumilus CCMA-560 (GCA_000444805.1), and, B. pumilus strain 36R_ATNSAL (GCA_002744245.1).
03050 a only one homolog in B. pumilus strain 36R_ATNSAL (GCA_002744245.1).
03110 only two homologs in B. safensis 7783 (GCA_002276315.1), and, B safensis Bcs96 (GCA_002155005.1).
04125 only one homolog in B. pumilus PE09–72 (GCA_002174275.1).
  1. a Genes that are part of phage elements