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Fig. 1

From: A Coxiella burnetii phospholipase A homolog pldA is required for optimal growth in macrophages and developmental form lipid remodeling

Fig. 1

Generation of a C. burnetii pldA mutant. a Alignment of PldA from E. coli and C. burnetii. The grey region shows the consensus sequence motif YTQ-Xn-G-X2-H-X-SNG for PldA enzymes. Bold amino acids show known active site residues [15]. b Lysates from C. burnetii wild type, ΔpldA, and ΔpldAcomp strains after 6 days of growth in ACCM-2 (early SCV) were probed by immunoblotting with an anti-PldA polyclonal antibody

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