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Fig. 2

From: Using NanoSIMS coupled with microfluidics to visualize the early stages of coral infection by Vibrio coralliilyticus

Fig. 2

Localizing pathogens using correlative TEM/NanoSIMS. The reef-building coral Pocillopora damicornis was infected with 15N-labeled Vibrio coralliitycus and fixed at 2.5 h post-inoculation. a TEM montage of a representative coral tissue section consisting of oral epidermis (Ect), oral gastrodermis (Gt) and Symbiodinium cells (Z). b and c higher-resolution view of the squares labeled in (a). Each TEM image is pictured alongside its corresponding NanoSIMS 15N/14N image, which is scaled according to the isotopic enrichment in the sample (where blue represents natural 15N/14N enrichment levels of 0.0036 and white represents maximum enrichment)

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