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Table 3 List of the highly conserved GGDEF, EAL and GGDEF-EAL predicted proteins. The organization and domain architectures found in the sequenced Azospirillum genomes

From: In silico comparative analysis of GGDEF and EAL domain signaling proteins from the Azospirillum genomes

  1. Conserved predicted proteins containing GGDEF, EAL and GGDEF-EAL domains from all analyzed the genomes. Schematic representation of domain organization of proteins found in the genomes. The domain prediction was performed based on protein sequences derived from the genome sequences of CdgA (diguanylate cyclase A) and ChsA (phosphodiesterase) from the A. brasilense Sp7 strain using the simple modular architecture research tool (SMART) program. The GGDEF domains are shown in rose, and the EAL domains are shown in blue. The sensor domains predicted by SMART are shown as follows: PAS/PAC, represented the PAS-fold family (green); transmembrane domains, TMD (gray); CACHE 2, calcium channels and chemotaxis receptor family (pale blue); REC, response regulator receiver (blue). Data were extracted from The website is indicated for each protein with its accession number according to BLASTP shown in Additional file 1: Table S1.