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Table 3 RNA-Seq expression of zbdP and hepP

From: Isolation and characterization of HepP: a virulence-related Pseudomonas aeruginosa heparinase

   Fold change compared to healthy volunteerb
Gene Protein Functiona Patient 1 Patient 2 Patient 3
zbdP Zinc-binding dehydrogenase 6.8 7.5 7.9
hepP Heparinase 7.1 7.6 8.1
  1. aProtein functions were obtained from the Pseudomonas Genome Database (; accessed 12/12/2017); [54]
  2. bExpression of zbdP (PA14_23420) and hepP (PA14_23430) in PA14 that was grown in blood from three burn patients was compared with expression when PA14 was grown in blood from a healthy volunteer. Genes were identified as differentially expressed with ≥ two-fold change if they had the false discovery rate correction p-value of ≤ 0.01 [15]