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Table 3 Antibiotic susceptibility profile of the Vibrio sp. A1SM3–36-8 isolate

From: Use of a mixed culture strategy to isolate halophilic bacteria with antibacterial and cytotoxic activity from the Manaure solar saltern in Colombia

Antibiotic Susceptibilitya Inhibition zone (mm)
Vancomycin R
Amoxicillin R
Penicillin G R
Chloramphenicol S 28
Erythromycin I 16
Ampicillin R
Tetracycline I 19
Clindamycin R
Cefoxitin I 18
Nalidixic acid I 20
Rifampicin S 23
  1. aThe susceptibility ranges were classified according to Bergey’s Manual of Systematics of Archaea and Bacteria [26]. Resistant (R): Inhibition zones smaller than 11 mm; Intermediate (I): Inhibition zones between 11 and 22 mm determine an intermediate susceptibility; Susceptible (S): Inhibition zones greater than 22 mm determine susceptible strains