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Table 4 The most abundant ions present in the periwinkle root extract fraction with antibacterial activity, detected by LCMS-IT-ToF Mass Spectrometer (IT-ToF, Shimadzu) using analytical C18 column and 10–100% acetonitrile gradient against 0.1% formic acid in water

From: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the guts of insects feeding on plants: prospects for discovering plant-derived antibiotics

Ion m/z Retention time [min.] Compound name
349.1700 7.755 serpentine
397.2112 6.928 MDC-Cat-HPLC-E-POS-F1–397.2–6.93
315.0734 6.429 MDC-Cat-HPLC-E-POS-F1–315.119-6.43
396.2036 10.808 MDC-Cat-HPLC-E-POS-F1–396.184-10.81
350.1733 5.658 MDC-Cat-HPLC-E-POS-F1–350.172-5.66
377.0871 2.360 loganic acid
349.1539 2.893 serpentine
337.1836 7.153 catharanthine
398.2159 10.314 MDC-Cat-HPLC-E-POS-F1–398.145-10.31
397.2108 6.928 MDC-Cat-HPLC-E-POS-F1–397.2–6.93
  1. The ions were matched with known metabolites from the C. roseus metabolomics database based on their m/z ratios. For ions without a good match in the database, the closest match was listed