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Table 1 Characteristics of phages in this paper

From: Expression and evolutionary patterns of mycobacteriophage D29 and its temperate close relatives

Phage Year Found Location Found Genome length (bp) Cluster, Subcluster Accession Reference
L5 1954 Japan 52,297 A, A2 Z18946 Hatfull & Sarkis, 1993
D29 1954 CA, USA 49,127 A, A2 AF022214 Ford et al. 1998
StarStuff 2015 Pinetown, South Africa 52,785 A, A2 KX897981 Jacobs-Sera et al. 2017
Pomar16 2015 Aibonito, Puerto Rico 52,833 A, A2 KX574455 Jacobs-Sera et al. 2017
Kerberos 2015 Houston, TX, USA 52,753 A, A2 KX758538 Jacobs-Sera et al. 2017
Serenity 2012 Pullman, WA, USA 52,088 A, A2 KT381276 Pope et al. 2015