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Table 2 Performance of LBJMR medium

From: LBJMR medium: a new polyvalent culture medium for isolating and selecting vancomycin and colistin-resistant bacteria

Criteria LBJMR medium
Isolates screened Colistin-resistant Gram-negatives:
- Enterobacteriaceae, including those harboring the mcr-1 gene
- Non-fermentative Gram-negative colistin-resistant strains, including those involves in cystic fibrosis samples
Vancomycin-resistant Gram positives, including Enterococci
Aspect of colonies Yellow on purple agar: 2–3 mm for Enterobacteriaceae, 0.1–1 mm for Enterococci
Incubation Aerobic atmosphere, 37 °C, 24H (sterile at 48H)
Culture of samples Direct on LBJMR, no previous decontamination
Isolates analysis Colonies can be picked directly from primary cultures on LBJMR for analysis:
- MALDI-TOF identification
- Antibiotic Susceptibility testing
- PCR screening for resistance genes.
Avoid contamination - Inhibition of Proteus swarming
- Inhibition of yeast possible by adding amphotericin B