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Table 1 Characteristics of the six (6) rice cultivars (Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica) used to assess bacterial community associated with the seeds

From: Characterizing endophytic competence and plant growth promotion of bacterial endophytes inhabiting the seed endosphere of Rice

Rice Cultivar Parental Lines Harvest Date Stem Height Salinity Tolerance
cm Early growth Mature plant
IR29 IR833–6–2-1-1 I 11 (1561–149-1)//1R1737 21 August 2014 78 Weak Weak
FL478 IR29/POKKALI B 18 August 2014 61 Strong Moderate
IC27 IR42/IR 4630–22–2-5-1-3 05 September 2014 82 Moderate Moderate
IC31 IR 4630–22–2-5-1-3/NONA BOKRA 15 August 2014 71 Strong Moderate
IC32 AT 401/IR31868–64–2-3-3-3 18 August 2014 69 Strong Moderate
IC37 IR 73012–137–2-2-2/PSB RC 10 (IR 50404–57–2-2-3 22 August 2014 67 Strong Strong
  1. Source: International Rice Research Institute, Philippines (IRRI); Rural Development Administration, Korea (RDA)