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Fig. 6

From: Upper and lower respiratory tract microbiota in horses: bacterial communities associated with health and mild asthma (inflammatory airway disease) and effects of dexamethasone

Fig. 6

Nonmetric multidimensional scaling (NMDS) ordination with Bray-Curtis distance of the dexamethasone treatment effect on the lower respiratory tract microbiota of both healthy (Normal; n = 6; Triangles) and Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD; n = 7; Circles) horses (“No”: indicates no treatment: n = 3 Normal horses. “Yes”: indicates dexamethasone treatment for 10 days: n = 3 Normal horses and n = 7 IAD horses). The horizontal axis is the Upper Respiratory Tract (URT) and Lower Respiratory Tract (LRT), and the vertical axis is dexamethasone treatment (CONTROL group did not receive dexamethasone). Pre and Post indicate day 0 and day 11 sampling time-points, respectively

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