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Fig. 5

From: Development of a new fluorescent reporter:operator system: location of AraC regulated genes in Escherichia coli K-12

Fig. 5

Relative positions of two fluorescent foci in cells containing FROS probes adjacent to different AraC-regulated promoters in the presence and absence of inducer. The distances between foci were measured in 300 individual cells containing two fluorescent foci derived from FROS probes adjacent to (a) araBAD, strain LR06, (b) araJ, strain LR39 and (c) araFGH, strain LR38. The distance between the focus closest to a cell pole and that cell pole was first measured and calibrated to the relative cell length (1st of 2 foci). The distance from the cell pole to the second focus was then measured relative to cell length. The cellular position of the second focus was then plotted against the position of the first focus from cells grown in the presence and absence of the inducer, arabinose. For these experiments, araBAD and araJ were tagged with a LacO array and araFGH was tagged with a MalO array

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