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Fig. 1

From: Development of a new fluorescent reporter:operator system: location of AraC regulated genes in Escherichia coli K-12

Fig. 1

FROS Tagging AraC regulated promoters. a A schematic representation of the circular chromosome of E. coli strain MG1655. Macrodomains of chromosome organisation are displayed and the origin of replication (oriC) and the region of termination (dif) are highlighted [3, 24]. The positions of AraC-regulated promoters and the dps gene on the circular chromosome are shown. Multiple lac operators (LacO) or MalI DNA binding sites (MalO) were inserted adjacent to araBAD (b), adjacent to araJ (c) or adjacent to araFGH (d). Panels (e), (f) and (g) show examples of fluorescent foci derived from MalI:mCherry binding to a 20 MalO array inserted adjacent to araBAD, araJ and araFGH respectively. The images shown are merged images of MalI;mCherry foci and Hoechst 33,258 stained chromosomes

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