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Table 1 Characteristic of clinical isolates

From: Anaerobic bacteria growth in the presence of cathelicidin LL-37 and selected ceragenins delivered as magnetic nanoparticles cargo

Strain Source of strains Patient’s sex/age
Bacterides thetaiotaomicron postoperative gynecological wound F/66
Bacteroides stercoris peritoneal fluid F/81
Prevotella melaninogenica postoperative wound in oral cavity region F/80
Prevotella oralis postoperative wound in oral cavity region F/86
Prevotella bivia postoperative wound in genitor-urinary tract F/75
Prevotella disiens postoperative gynecological wound F/86
Clostridium perfringens postoperative colon wound M/51
Clostridium difficile producing A and B toxins antibiotic-associated diarrhea F/46
Peptostreptococcus spp. breast abscessus F/58