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Fig. 1

From: Cytotoxic Necrotizing Factor-1 (CNF1) does not promote E. coli infection in a murine model of ascending pyelonephritis

Fig. 1

Construction of U8 cnf1 deletion mutant. a One-stp PCR deletion of cnf1 in U8 bacteria (Δcnf1). A chloramphenicol resistance cassette (CAT) was PCR-amplified from pKD3 with homologous extensions (H1 and H2) of the CNF1 locus and transferred to pKD46 Red recombinase-expressing U8 clones and selected for chloramphenicol resistance. b Western blot of U8, U8 cnf1 deletion mutant (Δcnf1), RS218, and RS218 cnf1 deletion mutants (R Δcnf1) with monoclonal CNF1 antibody

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