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Table 3 Identified phosphoproteins with putative link to drug resistance in pathogenic bacteria

From: Site-specific His/Asp phosphoproteomic analysis of prokaryotes reveals putative targets for drug resistance

Species Protein Functional class pHis and pAsp sites
Ab Periplasmic-binding zinc ABC transporter ZnuA Transport/binding His6
Ab Transcription factor AraC Transcription Asp3, His4, Asp8
Ab Sulfate transport system permease CysW Transport/binding His15, Asp17
Ab Twitching motility protein PilT Transport/binding His73, Asp82
Ab Taurine-binding periplasmic protein TauA Transport/binding Asp3
Ab Inner membrane protein YfiN Transport/binding Asp224, Asp228
Ab Mobile element protein Gene mobility His470
Ab Plasmid mobilization protein Gene mobility His129
Hp Iron(III) dicitrate transport protein FecA Transport/binding His21, H526
Hp RNA pseudouridine synthase metabolism His36, His72
Kp MATE family transport protein YeeO transport/binding His5
Vv ABC transporter AzlC transport/binding Asp2, Asp9, His10