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Fig. 6

From: Soluble factors from biofilm of Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus promote cell death and inflammatory response

Fig. 6

Macrophage response after challenge with soluble-factors produced by C. albicans and MSSA single- and mixed-species biofilms. a Toxicity percentage according to soluble factors from biofilm in contact with the J774A.1 macrophage, tested on three occasions performed in triplicate (n = 9 samples). b IL-6 (A), NO (B) and TNF-α (C) production from J774A.1 macrophages after 24 h stimulation with soluble factors from MSSA, C. albicans and mixed biofilm. Error bars represent standard deviation. Symbols represent statistical differences. IL-6, # versus Mixed; NO e, * versus C. albicans; # versus Mixed; TNF-alpha, * versus C. albicans. Analysis by ANOVA, Tukey post-test, p ≥ 0.05. CLT = control (DMEM), C. albicans = C. albicans soluble-factors, MSSA = MSSA soluble-factors, Mixed = mixed soluble-factors. N.D. = not detectable

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