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Table 5 List of proteins identified to interact with DprA or PilG by pull-down experiments with co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) and mass spectrometry (MS)

From: Comparative proteomic analysis of Neisseria meningitidis wildtype and dprA null mutant strains links DNA processing to pilus biogenesis

Protein IDs Protein names Gene names Co-IP and MS identified proteins that interact with DprA, PilG, and/or PilE
Anti-DprA-Ab Anti-PilG-Ab Anti-PilE-Ab
Wt ΔdprA Wt ΔpilG Wt
Q9K1K1 DNA processing chain A dprA +
Q7DDR1 Pilus assembly protein pilG + + + +
P05431 Q4W588 Q4W587 Q4W586 Q4W589 Q4W585 Q4W590 Q4W592 Fimbrial protein; PilS cassette pilE & pilS + + + + +
Q4W563 PilN protein pilN + + + + +
Q70M91 Type IV pilus biogenesis and competence protein PilQ pilQ + + +
Q7DD78 PilO protein pilO +
Q9JY02 PilM protein pilM +
Q7DDU1 Twitching motility protein pilT-1 + +
P0A0S6 Cell division protein ftsZ + +
Q9K0X8 Cell division protein ftsA +
Q7DDS7 Septum site-determining protein minD + +
Q9JXD7 Probable malate:quinone oxidoreductase mqo + +
Q7DDL4 Glutaredoxin NMB0773 +
P0DH59 Protein RecA recA + + +
P66849 Single-stranded DNA-binding protein ssb + + + +
Q9JZ92 Recombination protein recR +
Q9K0W0 DNA repair protein recO +
Q9K1K0 DNA topoisomerase 1 topA +
  1. Most of these proteins were also revealed to be significantly less abundant in the Nm ΔdprA mutant as compared to wildtype (wt) by MS of whole cell lysates. In Co-IP, DprA, PilG, or PilE was used as bait proteins through their reactivity with specific rabbit polyclonal antibodies (Ab). In order for DprA, PilG or PilE to target their interacting proteins, the Ab against the bait proteins were incubated with the cell lysates from Nm wt as well as the cell lysates from the Nm ΔdprA or ΔpilG mutant (in the mutant the bait protein is absent), and thereby the Ab binds the bait protein. The bait protein coupled with the antibody binds its interacting partner, forming the antibody-bait-prey protein complex. The “+” sign designates the formation of antibody-bait-prey protein complex whereas the “-” sign designates the absence of complex formation/interaction