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Table 1 B. anthracis Hfq3 mutant nomenclature with analogous Hfq residues in E. coli and S. aureus

From: In vivo characterization of an Hfq protein encoded by the Bacillus anthracis virulence plasmid pXO1

  B. anthracis Hfq3 Mutant Analogous E. coli Hfq Residue Analogous S. aureus Hfq Residue
Proximal Face Q4A Q8 Q8
E5A, D6A (“ED Patch”) D9, P10 D9, K10
K53A K56 K57
Distal Face R27A K31 Q31
F21D Y25 F25
V26D I30 F30
Rim I12R, E13R (“Rim Rev”) R16, R17 K16, A17