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Table 2 Analysis of virulence-associated genes from 05HAS68 and 05ZYH33 strains

From: Genome-wide analysis of a avirulent and reveal the strain induces pro-tective immunity against challenge with virulent Streptococcus suis Serotype 2

Function category Gene name
05HAS68 05ZYH33
Adherence/Colonization factors
Fibrinogen binding protein (fbp) PSN_CDS03155 SSU05_1492
  PSN_CDS01399 SSU05_1663
Muramidase-released protein (mrp) PSN_CDS00463* SSU05_0753
Agglutinin receptor PSN_CDS02376 SSU05_0965
Adhesin PSN_CDS04016 SSU05_2068
  PSN_CDS00076 SSU05_0112
  PSN_CDS00520 SSU05_0330
Autotransporter adhesion PSN_CDS00785* SSU05_0474
Cell surface factors
Extracellular protein factor (ef) - SSU05_0177
  - SSU05_0178
Hemolysin III homolog PSN_CDS02424 SSU05_0994
Putative hemolysin PSN_CDS01385 SSU05_1668
  PSN_CDS01413 SSU05_1653
Suilysin - SSU05_1403
ABC-type Fe3+ siderphore transport system
Permease component PSN_CDS03427 SSU05_0646
  PSN_CDS03424 SSU05_0647
ATPase domain PSN_CDS02486 SSU05_1031
ATPase component PSN_CDS03419 SSU05_0650
Tetracyline resistance protein (tetM) PSN_CDS02364* SSU05_0922
  1. *The gene is largely mutated