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Fig. 4

From: HisB as novel selection marker for gene targeting approaches in Aspergillus niger

Fig. 4

Luciferase activity assay of strains containing the Tet-on::mluc construct integrated into the hisB* or pyrG loci. The luciferase activity assay was performed as described earlier [27] using 5 μg/ml (panel a) or 20 μg/ml (panel b) doxycycline for induction. Strains TG1.14 and VG7.1 are negative-control strains (not expressing luciferase but harboring the empty Tet-on constructs), while strains TG2.3 and VG8.27 carry the Tet-on::mluc constructs integrated at the hisB or pyrG locus, respectively. Mean values of triplicate experiments are shown

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