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Fig. 10

From: Novel synthetic analogues of avian β-defensin-12: the role of charge, hydrophobicity, and disulfide bridges in biological functions

Fig. 10

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) of S. Typhimurium treated with AvBDs. Mid-logarithmic-phase S. Typhimurium cells (108 CFU) were incubated with AvBDs at a final concentration of 1 × MIC-ls for 30 min. a AvBD-12A3, b AvBD-12/6, c AvBD-12, d AvBD-6, e Stationary phase bacteria, f Mid-logarithmic-phase S. Typhimurium treated with PBS. Arrow 1, membrane damage. Arrow 2, cell deformation. Arrow 3, cell death in stationary-phase culture. Arrow 4, a normal cell in mid-logarithmic-phase culture. Scale bar: 5 μm

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