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Fig. 1

From: Novel synthetic analogues of avian β-defensin-12: the role of charge, hydrophobicity, and disulfide bridges in biological functions

Fig. 1

The predicted three dimensional structures of AvBD-6 and AvBD-12. I-TASSER online service program was used to predict peptide structures. a Superimposition of the three dimensional structures of AvBD-12 and hBD-6. The CCR2 binding surface of hBD6 is highlighted in purple and the corresponding region in AvBD-12 is highlighted in yellow. b Superimposition of AvBD-12 and AvBD-6. c Distribution of positively and negatively charged amino acid residues in AvBD-12. d Distribution of positively charged amino acids in AvBD-6. Basic and acidic amino acids are highlighted in red and blue, respectively

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