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Fig. 4

From: Functional and comparative genome analysis of novel virulent actinophages belonging to Streptomyces flavovirens

Fig. 4

Sequence similarities among Sf1, Sf3, VWB and SV1 phages. The picture shows the results of the BLAST local alignments using Sf1 and Sf3 as a query against the VWB and SV1 phages sequences. The different colours (blue, green, orange and red) represent the overall quality of the aligned segments along the phage sequences, evaluated on the basis of the bit-score values from the worst to the best score (blue to red). The bit-score is a normalized version of the score value obtained by BLAST searches, expressed in bits. The height of the coloured bars in the histogram shows how many times each colour hits a specific fragment of the other phage sequences. A twist in a ribbon indicates that the local alignment is inverted (query and database sequence on opposite strands)

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