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Fig. 4

From: Genomic and transcriptomic comparison between Staphylococcus aureus strains associated with high and low within herd prevalence of intra-mammary infection

Fig. 4

Bacterial invasion of epithelial cells and infection pathways analysis of Staph. aureus. In grey highlighted DEGs or unique genes for GTB/ST8ra or GTS/ST398ra. Fibronectin-Binding Protein B FnBPB, clumping factor B ClfB, iron-regulated surface determinant protein A IsdA, serine-aspartate repeat-containing protein C/D/E SdrC/D/E, staphylococcal complement inhibitor (SCIN) and eap/map protein EaP/Map and leukocidin/hemolysin Hlg/Luc. Numbers define the dataset from which the genes were found: 1) unique GTB/ST8ra, 2) unique GTS/ST398ra and 3) DEGs from transcriptomic analysis, and their combination: (1-2: genes with differences in protein sequence; 1-3: genes expressed and present only in GTBra; 1-2-3: genes differentially expressed and different in protein sequence between the two reference genotypes)

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