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Table 5 Transferred antibiotic resistance genes identified by PCR

From: Interspecies transfer of vancomycin, erythromycin and tetracycline resistance among Enterococcus species recovered from agrarian sources

Transconjugant Donor Recipient Selection conditions (μg/ml) Genes transferred Efficiency
T1 MF06036 MW1105Rif Vancomycin (10) + rifampicin (100) vanA, ermB 7.8×10−3
T2 MF04010 MW1105Rif Tetracycline (10) + rifampicin (100) Tet M Tet L 2.3X10−5
T3 MF06036 ST01109Rif Tetracycline (10) + rifampicin (100) Tet M 1.8×10−4
T4 MF06035 MW1105Rif Vancomycin (10) + rifampicin (100) vanA. ermB 1.22×10−1
  1. Solid plate mating reactions that resulted in the isolation of transconjugants. Donors and recipients were conjugated together on TSA and plated on selection media. Successful reactions were subjected to PCR and their transfer efficiency was calculated