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Table 4 Envelop and periplasmic proteins

From: Proteomic analysis of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) in neutral and alkaline conditions

Protein Description 1D-LC 2D-LC Regulation Run Matching
AcrA Acriflavin resistance protein A 2.54 2.78 UP 2-3/1-3 Both
BamA Outer membrane protein assembly factor BamA   1.50 UP 1-2 H10407
BamD Outer membrane protein assembly factor BamD   1.55 UP All Both
CopA Copper exporting ATPase   0.44 DOWN 2-3 Both
DsbA Thiol:disulfide interchange protein 2.33 2.00 UP All/2-3 Both
HchA Molecular chaperone Hsp31 and glyoxalase 3   0.41 DOWN All Both
OmpA Outer membrane protein A   1.60 UP 2-3 Top
SecB Protein-export protein SecB 0.29 0.29 DOWN All Both
SecD Protein translocase subunit SecD 1.67   UP All Both
SecF Protein-export membrane protein SecF   1.77 UP 2-3 Both
SlyB Outer membrane lipoprotein SlyB 1.54   UP 1-2 Top
TraT Putative complement resistance protein TraT 0.52   DOWN 1-3 H10407
YbiT ABC transporter ATP-binding protein 1.67   UP 2-3 Top
YbjP Putative lipoprotein 0.52 0.46 DOWN 1-2/2-3 Top
YidC Membrane protein insertase YidC 2.04 1.86 UP All Both
YjjK ABC transporter related protein   1.34 UP All Top
YtfQ Periplasmic binding protein/LacI transcriptional regulator 0.38   DOWN 2-3 Top
  1. Fold changes are listed under 1D-LC and 2D-LC columns