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Table 2 The major bacterial genera in the cheese 16S rRNA datasets

From: Bacterial microbiota of Kazakhstan cheese revealed by single molecule real time (SMRT) sequencing and its comparison with Belgian, Kalmykian and Italian artisanal cheeses

Samples Bacterial genera Relative abundances (%)
Kazakhstan cheese Lactobacillus 42.12
Lactococcus 31.07
Streptococcus 16.98
Belgium cheese Lactococcus 44.32
Psychrobacter 14.72
Corynebacterium 9.80
Kalmykia cheese Lactococcus 42.49
Streptococcus 28.79
Citrobacter 8.88
Italy cheese Streptococcus 53.97
Lactobacillus 39.2
Lactococcus 2.88