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Table 1 Virulence of bacterial strains used in this study. HV stands for highly virulent, V stands for virulent, WV stands for weakly virulent, and AV stands for avirulent. The virulence in pigs is described in [35] and the scale of virulence in pig infection model is as described in [35]. Strains leading to more than 50% mortality of G. mellonella larvae post-infection with 107 CFU/ml were considered virulent, and strains leading to less than 50% mortality of G. mellonella larvae were considered weakly virulent

From: Evaluation of Galleria mellonella larvae for studying the virulence of Streptococcus suis

Strain Serotype Virulence in pigs [35] Virulence in G. mellonella Clinical source Reference/source
6388 1 HV V Organs Laboratory collection [45]
6555/NCTC 428 1 V WV   
T15 2 AV WV Tonsil Laboratory collection [46]
S735R2 2 WV WV Unknown Laboratory collection [35]
P1/7 2 V V Unknown Laboratory collection [35]
3881/S10 2 V V   [47]
(J28) S10 cpsΔEF 2 AV WV   [17]
15965 3 ND V   
5213 4 ND V   
8039 7 ND V CNS Laboratory collection [40]
7709 9 ND V Bacteraemia Laboratory collection [40]
C132 9 ND WV Brain/septicemia Laboratory collection [40]
7998 9 ND V Joint Laboratory collection [40]
8186 9 ND WV Tonsil Laboratory collection [40]
5128/22083 9 ND V   
  1. V virulent, HV highly virulent, WV weakly virulent, AV avirulent, ND not determined