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Fig. 1

From: In vitro rescue of genital strains of Chlamydia trachomatis from interferon-γ and tryptophan depletion with indole-positive, but not indole-negative Prevotella spp.

Fig. 1

Recovery of IFN-γ treated C. trachomatis (ocular; C and genital; D strains), with tryptophan (DMEM) and indole (10 μM). Monolayers of HEp-2 cells were seeded 48 h before infection in the presence of different IFN-γ concentrations (0, 150, 500 U/ml). IFN-γ treatment was replenished every 24 h throughout the whole experiment. Cells were infected with C. trachomatis D, at an MOI of 0.5, and were incubated for 36 h. The Chlamydia infected cultures were allowed to recover for 24 h in the presence of tryptophan (DMEM) or indole (10 μM). Infected cells and culture supernatants were sonicated and used to infect a new HEp-2 cell monolayer for enumeration of recoverable IFUs. Data are presented as the mean ± SD IFU/ml (n = 9) determinations

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