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Table 1 Effects of selected rhizobacteria isolates on germination of C. arabica L. seeds and on disease incidence caused by C. gloeosporioides and F. oxysporum

From: Bacillus species (BT42) isolated from Coffea arabica L. rhizosphere antagonizes Colletotrichum gloeosporioides and Fusarium oxysporum and also exhibits multiple plant growth promoting activity

Bioassay Parameters
Germination % DI (%)
Control (untreated seeds) 50 ± 5.33a 0a
C. gloeosporioides infected 0b 91.67 ± 8.33b
BT42 treated 88.89 ± 4.81c 0a
BT42 + C. gloeosporioides 72.22 ± 2.83d 2.77 ± 4.81a
Control (untreated seeds) 50 ± 5.33a 0a
F. oxysporum infected seeds 11.11 ± 4.81b 88.89 ± 9.62b
BT42 treated 88.89 ± 4.81c 0a
BT42 + F. oxysporum 80.56 ± 12.72c 0a
  1. Values followed by dissimilar letters in each column indicate significance difference (one-way ANOVAs, Duncan’s test). Values are means of three replicates