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Fig. 3

From: Identification of Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis secreted proteins using an in vitro system mimicking the phagosomal environment

Fig. 3

Host proteins interacting with MAV_1356. a Lane 1, The western blotting of the 6HN-MAV_1356 protein; Lane 2, The coomassie staining of the E. coli total protein extract overexpressing the MAV_1356 protein; MM, Molecular Marker. b Lane 1, the biotin-labeled host proteins nonspecifically binding to the His60 nickel resin (control group without bacterial protein); Lane 2, the biotin-labeled total protein extract of THP-1 cells were exposed to the recombinant MAV_1356 (experimental group) and the bound proteins were visualized with streptavidin antibody as described in the materials and methods; Both groups were subjected to the same procedures. The unique proteins identified just in experimental lane was exercised and sequenced. The MAV_1356 bound host proteins were identified as Annexin A1 and Protein S100-A8

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