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Table 3 Specific Growth Rate (SGR) and final Hypoxia Resistance Time (HRT) of sea bass

From: The highly variable microbiota associated to intestinal mucosa correlates with growth and hypoxia resistance of sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax, submitted to different nutritional histories

Experimental group SGR HRT (h)
LH1-LH2 0.94d ± 0.03 6.63c ± 0.08
C1-LH2 1.05c ± 0.03 6.78bc ± 0.07
C1-C2 1.29a ± 0.02 6.96ab ± 0.07
C1-HG2 1.16b ± 0.03 7.20a ± 0.07
HG1-HG2 1.14b ± 0.02 7.03ab ± 0.07
  1. The individual specific growth rate (SGR) was computed during the last 3 weeks of the dietary challenge. The means (± SE) without common superscript letter on the same column corresponded to significant differences according to the post-hoc pairwise comparisons after ANOVA (p ≤0.001, Tukey’s test) and Kruskal-Wallis test (p ≤0.001, Dunn’s test) for SGR and HRT, respectively. Each group was named after its diets during the two challenge phases: HUFA-deficient diet at both phases (LH1-LH2), or only at phase 2 (C1-LH2); hypoproteic diet with high starch supply at both phases (HG1-HG2), or only at phase 2 (C1-HG2); control with standard diets (C1-C2)