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Table 7 Identification of B. longum and B. kashiwanohense genes related to L-fucose metabolism

From: Fucosyllactose and L-fucose utilization of infant Bifidobacterium longum and Bifidobacterium kashiwanohense

  1. L-fucose related genes were identified by blastP search of homologous proteins of X. campestris, and by annotation by RAST using default settings. Shown are gene ID and in brackets bit scores and e-values of the obtained hits. Genes encoding these enzymes were predominantly located on two genomic regions shaded in light grey (region 1) and dark grey (region 2)
  2. +A recent transcriptomic study investigated gene expression of B. longum subsp. infantis DSM 20088 in the presence of 2′-FL and 3′-FL, α-fucosidases that were overexpressed are indicated [34]