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Fig. 2

From: Glycoside hydrolases family 20 (GH20) represent putative virulence factors that are shared by animal pathogenic oomycetes, but are absent in phytopathogens

Fig. 2

Ratios of relative expression levels of selected L. giganteum gene transcripts in presence vs. absence of mosquito larvae (Aedes aegypti). Canonical oomycete effectors, characteristic of plant pathogenic oomycetes, are color coded in light grey (left), whereas carbohydrate active enzymes, including the phylogenetically unique L. giganteum GH5_27 and GH20, are represented in dark grey (right). Relative expression levels for each gene (n = 4) were normalized to the control genes β-tubulin and cellulose synthase. Error bars represent standard error of the mean. * indicates p < 0.05, ** indicates p < 0.01

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