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Table 2 Shannon diversity and Pielou evenness of soil microbial communities

From: The succession pattern of soil microbial communities and its relationship with tobacco bacterial wilt

Index Sampling time Control MR LR TR
Shannon diversity Fallow period 6.42a 6.36a 6.26a 6.43a
Mature period 6.08a 6.50b 5.52c 5.91ac
P value <0.05 0.11 <0.05 <0.05
Pielou evenness Fallow period 0.83a 0.81b 0.82ab 0.83a
Mature period 0.81ab 0.82a 0.77c 0.79b
P value <0.05 0.23 <0.05 <0.05
  1. Significant differences (p < 0.05) between two periods are indicated in bold. And significant (p < 0.05) differences among four groups are labeled with alphabet