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Table 1 Genes and product function

From: Novel cationic peptide TP359 down-regulates the expression of outer membrane biogenesis genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa: a potential TP359 anti-microbial mechanism

Gene Gene product Gene function Reference
oprI Outer membrane lipoprotein OprI Membrane intergrity [46]
oprF Structural outer membrane protein Structrual stability [44, 47]
oprL Peptidoglycan lipoprotein protein OprL Membrane integrity & biogenesis [46]
opr86 Outer membrane protein BamA Outer membrane protein assembly [48]
uppS Undecaprenyl pyrophosphate synthase Cell wall biogenesis [49]
acpP Acyl carrier protein Membrane biogenesis [50, 51]
ftsZ Cell division protein FtsZ Cell division [52, 53]
ftsA Cell division protein FtsA Cell division [52, 53]
ampR Transcriptional regulator AmpR Virulence [54, 55]
lasR Transcriptional regulator LasR Quorum sensing [56, 57]