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Table 1 Bacillus subtilis strains used in this study

From: The MarR-like protein PchR (YvmB) regulates expression of genes involved in pulcherriminic acid biosynthesis and in the initiation of sporulation in Bacillus subtilis

Strain Genotypea Source
BSB1 trp + (Nicolas et al. 2012 [33])
BFS815b trpC2 cypX’::lacZ erm Laboratory stock
BSAS82 ΔyvmB::aphA3 This work
BSAS108 amyE::pyvmB’-lacZ cat This work
BSAS109 amyE::pyvmB’-lacZ cat ΔyvmB::aphA3 This work
BSAS153 amyE::pyvmB’-lacZ cat ΔccpA::spc This work
BSAS122 amyE::pAyvmC’-lacZ cat This work
BSAS143 amyE::pAyvmC’-lacZ cat ΔyvmB::aphA3 This work
BSAS147 trpC2 cypX’::lacZ erm ΔyvmB::aphA3 This work
BSAS155 amyE::pA*yvmC’-lacZ cat ΔyvmB::aphA3 This work
BSAS156 amyE::pA*yvmC’-lacZ cat This work
BSAS185 amyE::pCyvmC’-lacZ cat This work
BSAS189 amyE::pByvmC’-lacZ cat This work
BSAS195 amyE::pCyvmC’-lacZ cat ΔyvmB::aphA3 This work
BSAS199 amyE::pByvmC’-lacZ cat ΔyvmB::aphA3 This work
BLUC135 amyE::pAyvmB’-luc cat This work
BLUC136 amyE::pByvmB’-luc cat This work
BLUC137 amyE::pCyvmB’-luc cat This work
BLUC138 amyE::pEyvmB’-luc cat This work
BLUC139 amyE::pDyvmB’-luc cat This work
BLUC169 amyE::pFyvmB’-luc cat This work
BSPR276 yvnB’-luc cat This work
BSPR289 yvnB’-luc cat ΔyvmB::aphA3 This work
BSPR452 yisI’-luc cat This work
BSPR453 yisI’-luc cat ΔyvmB::aphA3 This work
  1. a cat pC194 chloramphenicol acetyl-transferase gene, aphA3 Enterococcus faecalis kanamycin-resistance gene, erm erythromycin-resistance gene, spc Staphylococcus aureus spectinomycin-resistance gene
  2. *Strain constructed as part of the EC project for the functional characterization of the B. subtilis genome